Press Relations

The saying goes something like, “Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.” And while in many cases that may be true, it is important you build relationships with those who do buy the ink, and learn how and when to communicate with them.

RedRight Strategies can use its years of dealing directly with members of the press, and serving as on-the-record spokesmen, to help you build those relationships, understand how the press operates, and how you should deal with them. Do not let yourself be defined by others, and knowing how to deal with the press goes a long way in preventing that.

“Someday in the near future, guys like Jordan…will be leading this nation or standing right next to those who do. They possess the kind of talent and spirit that every executive looks for in those he hires; every leader prays to be surrounded by such a squad of dedicated ‘can-do’ kids who take their God-given talent, offer it in pure selfless service, and are the real heroes of any great endeavor.

“Not a lot of questions about money or titles or responsibilities, just willing hands and boundless enthusiasm. Guys like me get the spotlight, but these are the kinds of guys who provide the power to make it happen.”

– Governor Mike Huckabee, excerpt from his book “Do the Right Thing: Inside the Movement That’s Bringing Common Sense Back to America” (2008)